Vektor: solving the 'last mile' of security for remote workers

Securely extend the corporate WiFi network into the home or hotel room. Protects remote users from becoming a point of attack for hackers. Makes VPN easy!

When security is as easy as opening your laptop, your team can focus on getting the job done quickly and without the friction of the standard VPN workflow.

How does it work?

Vektor is next generation VPN management solution that delivers a seamless remote working experience and protects company devices on vulnerable networks outside the corporate perimeter. Hardware, software and an integrated app all rolled into one easy to use, yet powerful device.

An employee’s home network is your biggest cybersecurity blindspot. In a BYOD world, you need to extend protection into the home.

The home network has become one of the most dangerous and unprotected places to connect your computing devices; each new 'smart' device on the home network is a new point of compromise. Why should an attacker go through the front door of the enterprise network when they can spend all night working on a BYOD mobile phone or laptop from the safety of an exec's smart light-bulb or home security camera?

Vektor isolates corporate devices from other systems on the home LAN, making it impossible for infected personal computers to spread malware to the enterprise network.


If you are not protecting the home of key employees you are missing half the picture.

Vektor protects off-premises enterprise devices by securing core network services of vulnerable home networks.

  • Advanced threat intelligence
  • AI-powered analytics system builds a statistical model of what normal looks like for each device and eliminates emerging threats before they become a problem.

Makes VPN so easy that it becomes completely invisible!

Enterprise VPN adds painful friction to remote work. Vektor makes is easy for employees to connect to a protected extension of your office wifi network, increasing convenience, availability, and productivity for anyone on your team working from home or on the go.
  • Reduce IT support burden for VPN usage.
  • Intelligent VPN tunneling means no more endless authentication. Connecting back to the corporate wifi is as easy as opening your laptop.
  • Ensure that enterprise devices only connect to this extension of the corporate network and block attempts to use them on insecure home wifi.

Travel Mode

Take Vektor with you anywhere.
  • Vektor can be powered by its universal plug or with the included USB power cable. The Vektor can provide easy remote productivity and transparent VPN connectivity using any USB power source.
  • Whether you are in a hotel, client office, airport or coffee shop, let Vektor handle security in the background.
  • In seconds Vektor can provide a protected extension of your corporate wifi network anywhere you need it. Strong cybersecurity protection doesn't get any easier!

Stable connectivity

A Vektor in the home office or hotel room means you don't have to think about your VPN connection, it is rock-solid and available for your laptop and mobile devics.


Improved wireless reach

Multi-antenna 802.11ac WiFi to provide a strong signal. Two WiFi modules let the Vektor scan for threats while still providing a VPN-protected WiFi signal


Protects the home network

The Vektor extends advanced cybersecurity protection to the whole home so hackers can't hide in a compromised TV to perform recon on an employee or their family.


No VPN friction

The Vektor automatically connects to the company VPN and starts broadcasting the office WiFi signal so you never need to wait for the VPN to connect.

Designed for easy deployment and maintenance


Vektor Cloud

Manage and monitor your Vektor fleet of devices from one central hub without ever leaving your desk. With Vektor Cloud, you save time and stay in control.


Mass deployment

Our techical team will help you deploy a fleet of Vektors easily across your workforce.


Live tech support

When you need a helping hand, our team of experts is always ready. We’re available by email, chat support, and phone, whichever you prefer.

Advanced Hardware Platform

Vektor combines gigabit networking with a 64-bit quad-core CPU and 802.11 ac WiFi to provide the most advanced home protection platform available.

Easy 5-minute setup


Train users in minutes


Works with home and public networks


Works with any device


Device fleet management dashboard

Use cases

Whether you are in financial services, law, consulting, manufacturing or R&D, Vektor is designed to protect your company’s sensitive data and intellectual property. Give your workforce the freedom and flexibility to work securely from anywhere at anytime.

Financial Services

Protect your executives and your data corporate data from hackers and competitors, even when your employees are off site or on business trips.
Who connected what device where on your network? Have an audit log of every wired and wireless devices that ever connected or integrated with your network devices. (And detect the presence of some that didn't)



Protect Solicitor-client privilege, even in hostile environments.
Guard against revealing your strategies hiding and anonymizing all of your case law research.
Prevent accidental disclosure by automatically security auditing your office devices and isolating those devices before they can cause breaches.
Comply with regulations about access control, and audit trails.



Prevent Intellectual property disclosure risk for employees working from home or on business trips.
Hide and anonymize all of your confidential research.



Have your main corporate wifi network follow you around no matter what office or country you are visiting. The secure wifi accesspoint and VPN tunnel lets you access your corprote network with your existing BYOD devices without having to manually configure each one.

Home Networks are the New Enterprise Back-door

Why penetrate a $10-million system of firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, privileged access management systems and behavior-based anti-malware controls when a hacker can target a $100 home router or computer with no security enabled?

Percentage of connected devices with a known security vulnerability.


Average number of devices in your home that are accesible to hackers.


Increase in smart home hacks last year - more than 2 million hacked devices!

Controlled by Smart App for iOS and Android

The free iOS and app let you easily set up and manage Vektor.
Threat details
  • Easy Setup and installation
  • Instantly View All Connected Devices
  • Control Vektor at Home and on the Go
  • Per-Device Configuration
  • Organize Devices by Groups for Easy Control
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We are here to help you solve the last mile of enterprise cybersecurity. Join the 1000s of customers trusting Vektor for security, privacy and control.

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